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Reset, Restart, Refocus…REINVENT.

  “It is my belief that in a world where we can be anything, each of us has permission to ‘REINVENT’ ourselves as often as necessary. This could happen via reinvention of our look, our relationships, the way we behave or our careers. We should ‘REINVENT’ until we develop and grow into the BEST version of ourselves. Shear Art Salon and Spa (North Tampa) is the perfect boutique, private salon space for creativity to take shape.

  Helping people find their “look” is my passion. Finding (simple or dramatic) ways to change your hair takes courage. I am here to help facilitate this cumbersome process. Hair is our crown and can be a representation of one’s culture, creativity and beauty. This could be the introduction of oneself or even, our persona. We should not be complacent in who we are, how we live or how we show up in the world. Rather, we should remake, redo, refresh and REINTRODUCE ourselves as many times as necessary. Reinvention is healthy. I have mastered this art and have fun helping others do the same.”

Mr. Rahmlee


Salon Reservations


At Shear Art Salon and Spa (North Tampa), I am privileged to serve my esteemed guests. Here, in this boutique environment, we have the unique opportunity to cater to our clients and redefine the standard salon experience.

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